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Celebrities Stand Up For A Healthy World

One of our favorite nonprofit organizations Healthy Child Healthy World has always teamed up with celebrities to promote a healthy world.  This week, HCHW is giving a nod to 3 celebrities that are truly making a difference and spreading the word about living healthier.

From the Healthy Child Healthy World website:

Actress Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

“Healthy Child Healthy World has been rallying moms to fight for more protective policies for nearly two decades and this week we were thrilled to see celebrity mom, Jessica Alba, promoting the Safe Chemicals Act on Capitol Hill. ‘You can’t hire a team of scientists to do your shopping for you. . . I mean, I barely have time to brush my teeth with a toddler and another one on the way. At some point the government has to step in and ensure that chemicals are safe before our children are exposed to them,’ said Alba. Thanks to all of our colleagues at the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families coalition for spearheading this effort and to our former CEO and Executive Director, Christopher Gavigan, for facilitating Jessica’s involvement.”

Join Jessica in showing Congress that Americans care about this issue by asking your Senators to co-sponsor the Safe Chemicals Act!

Actress Jessica Capshaw (Grey's Anatomy)

Jessica Capshaw

“Earlier this month, Jessica Capshaw acted as moderator for the Mount Sinai Children’s Environmental Health Center’s (CEHC) Greening Our Children luncheon – the fourth annual fundraiser to support the important work of this distinguished institution. And last week she spoke up about mercury pollution and the dire threat it poses to children’s health during the Moms Clean Air Force Clean Air for Our Kids webinar. Jessica’s been an active supporter of Healthy Child Healthy World (another nod to Christopher Gavigan) and it was wonderful to hear her passion and knowledge of the issues in these types of forums.”

Support clean air for our kids by signing our petition to tell America’s #1 polluter to clean up their act!

Actress Kelly Rutherford (Gossip Girl)

Kelly Rutherford, Healthy Child Healthy World Luminary

Celebrities are concerned parents, too. That’s the message behind our new Luminary Advisory Board, which counts Laila Ali, Gabrielle Anwar, Amy Brenneman, Laura Dern, Jenna Elfman, Mariel Hemingway, Josie Maran, Kelly Rutherford, Meryl Streep and Jennifer Taylor as members. These concerned parents have joined Healthy Child to inspire small steps to big change.

“I joined the Luminary Board of Healthy Child Healthy World to shine some light on the issues that affect my children and me everyday. Be it the environment we live in to the foods we eat or the products we use, all of these things have an impact in our health and well being. It’s important for me to do my part as a mother to keep my children healthy and myself healthy—so I can be here to watch them grow up. Creating awareness is so important.” –Kelly Rutherford, “Gossip Girl”

Take a look at what other Healthy Child Healthy World Luminaries have to say!

Thank you to HCHW and all of the celebrities who are fighting for a safer world!

Teens Turning Green

Our  friend Erin Shrode from Teens Turning Green is one of the brilliant young minds behind Project Green Challenge, a powerful, diverse, and far-reaching movement inspiring young people to take action and protect our planet.

Here is a excerpt from their website about the movement:

This October, Teens Turning Green is energizing high school and college students across the country to participate in Project Green Challenge, a 30-day green lifestyle initiative. The Challenge will raise awareness about conscious living, informed consumption and the collective impact of each of our actions.

With the guidance of eco experts, industry leaders and the PGC Guide to Living Green, participants will discover how fun, easy and effective eco living can be.

How it Works

Throughout October a daily green challenge will be outlined on and in an email delivered to each participant who has signed up . Each challenge will be supported with resources, tips, facts and a green glossary.

Over the course of the 30-day Challenge, participants will share their responses to challenge tasks on utilizing Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Get Your Green Diploma

Contestants who complete the 30-day Challenge can apply for the Challenge Finals. Ten finalists will be selected to participate in Green University, a two-day eco summit held in California this December. Students will be flown to San Francisco where they will learn from esteemed eco leaders, present experiences from the 30-day Challenge, and work together to create unique platforms for social action.This new slate of projects will be implemented by Teens Turning Green and youth nationwide in 2012.

Challenge Champion

A panel of judges will name one finalist as the Project Green Challenge Champion. The winner will receive a one-of-a-kind prize package and the opportunity to work with Teens Turning Green and its partners in the coming year.

Join the Challenge!

Be apart of a world changing initiative – sign up today!

And be sure to get your friends and school involved in Project Green Challenge. Two students from participating schools will be invited to participate as Project Green Challenge Campus Reps and to lead the effort on their school campuses. Click here if you want to see what the job entails and to sign up.

Take the challenge today and help your generation protect our planet!

“I AM” Global Green USA takes on Climate Change

From our friends at Global Green USA:

“Among other challenges, global warming is causing our sea levels to rise and putting our coastal cities — and billions of people — at risk across the globe. Global Green is working hard to protect these cities and other communities affected by climate change.   We are all in this together, and friends of Global Green are joining us in making a plea to help stop climate change, by demanding that our leaders invest in green technologies and green jobs now. You can also help us make a difference and guarantee a healthier future.”

Fashionably Organic

H&M Organic Spring Collection

There are many ways to make your life safer and less toxic, and starting with an organic mattress is a big step. Most people who are sleeping organically are eating organically also. But are you dressing organically?

Ten years ago it was next to impossible to find organic clothing options. However, with the organics industry growing every year, more and more manufacturers and designers are making the moral choice to use fabrics made from organic raw materials. Even the high-fashion and couture houses are making the switch, as we see ever so apparently in Fall fashion shows across the world.  From São Paulo to Los Angeles to New York to London, organics are taking the fashion world by storm.

Here are the top 12 brands and retailers who are “going organic” (ranking by Organic Exchange):

#12:  Nordstrom (USA) ­– stocking more sustainable lines such as EDUM and Eileen Fisher, they also have a line of men’s dress shirts, casual shirts, and boxers made of organic cotton.

#11:  Adidas – they use sustainable materials such as organic cotton in their Adidas by Stella McCartney and Adidas Grün collections.

#10:  Target – brought organic cotton into the stores by introducing limited-edition lines by Rogan Gregory and Loomstate.  They also have organic options in their “Home by Target” collection.

#9:  Levi Strauss – although the company has been using organic materials since 2006, they have paved the way for organic denim since, and have become the leader in organic blue jeans.

#8:  Greensource (USA) – mainly a t-shirt company, they have recently expanded to home and bath products as well.  They just so happen to also grow all of their own organic cotton.

#7: Coop Switzerland – although they specialize in being the second-largest coop supermarket in the world, they also purchase a large slice of the fair-trade organic-cotton textile industry.

#6:  Anvil Knitwear – the largest purchaser of U.S.-grown certified organic cotton, they also produce the world’s first carbon-neutral t-shirt.

#5:  H&M – incorporating organic cotton since 2004, this fashion retailer is making an effort to increase its use of organic materials by 50 percent every year until 2013.

#4:  Williams-Sonoma – through brands such as Pottery Barn, PB Teen, and West Elm, they have introduced organic cotton into their bedding, bath, and upholstery products.

#3:  Walmart (USA) – purchases over 12 million pounds of organic cotton to incorporate into their clothing, bath, and upholstery lines.

#2:  Nike (USA) – although the already incorporate organic cotton, the company’s goal is to have a minimum blend of 10 percent organic cotton in all cotton-containing attire by 2015.

#1:  C&A (Belgium) – although better known in Europe, this popular clothing line sold over 23 million organic cotton products in 2010.

Happy shopping!

A Wake-Up Story

Check out this amazing video from our friends at Healthy Child Healthy World.

10 Reasons to Buy Organic

The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) recently came out with this great new article about why we should buy organic. It mostly concentrates on food, however, most of the principles can be applied to clothing, home furnishings, and more.

Remember: If you’re eating organically, why aren’t you sleeping organically?

Click on the article to go to the OCA website, where you can find more wonderful articles and information.

Happy Reading!

The Kind Life

Thank you to Alicia Silverstone for mentioning our fabulous retailer Green for Bedroom and Baby and OMI in her recent post on her blog The Kind Life.  Her website is a treasure trove of eco, vegan, and organic information, and we are proud to be included!

Here is a sample from Alicia’s post:

“Several years ago, when I was looking to replace my previous (not very eco) mattress of 13+ years, I hunted high and low for an all-natural option. But here was the dilemma I faced: California state law requires that mattresses must be fire retardant, which is super-toxic. On the other hand, the natural alternative was wool – which wasn’t an option for me either.

That’s when the folks at Green for Bedroom and Baby helped me discover this great organic mattress company named OMI. Now, most of OMI’s mattresses are made with wool, and even though they maintain that they only source their wool from providers who treat their sheep humanely, I still felt uneasy about a wool mattress. After all, the sheep are still sent to slaughter at the end of their lives.

But, this is where OMI stepped it up. It turns out that the legal requirement for mattresses does make allowances in cases where a doctor can verify that there’s a medical excuse, such as an allergy to wool. A friendly chiropractor wrote me a note, which opened the door for Green for Bedroom and Baby and OMI to create a vegan, all-natural, all-healthy mattress for me (as they can do for anyone who has a doctor’s note). I wasn’t an unusual case – all of their mattresses are non-toxic, with no VOCs or Kevlar (a synthetic fabric used in everything from mattresses to armor to racing tires). And, with the proper doctor’s authorization, they are happy to custom-make the mattress wool-free as well.”

The Vegan Verona Topper

Read the entire post HERE and subscribe to her wonderful blog while you are there.  She has such great informational articles as well as some really fun posts!

Viva Las Vegas! OMI debuts new products at World Market

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World Market Las Vegas is 5,000,000 sq ft that house an impressive display of beautiful showrooms featuring furniture and mattress industry companies. Twice a year, companies descend upon Las Vegas to show the latest products.  Although the shows are mainly focused on the industry, they are also consumer friendly!

Las Vegas World Market Center

 The show ended up being a huge success, leaving everyone very excited about our three newest products which debuted this year.

The first is our new Tahoe mattress.  This Innerspring mattress uses the magic of 100%-Natural Rubber Latex inside to help soften and cushion, as well as help eliminate EMF’s.  It is a revolutionary product that includes the new REST™(Rubber Enhanced Spring Technology) system which is exclusive to OMI.  This mattress is not only comfortable, but it’s affordable!

The Tahoe

The second product introduced was the Flora Nouveau.  This beautiful new mattress echos the same supportive feel of our original Flora, but has a luxurious new quilting that makes the mattress feel softer and positively divine.  The quilting incorporates 100%-Natural Rubber Latex to make the mattress feel similar to a mattress topper, without the added layer of one.

The Flora Nouveau

Last but not least, OMI debuted the new Verona Topper.  This gorgeous new topper is constructed of 2 inches of buttery soft 100%-Natural Rubber Latex encased in our beautiful Knit fabric.  It offers a substantial softness to any mattress without adding too much height.

For more information on any of the new products call the OMI office at 1-800-951-9196.  Better yet, stop by our “Find a Store” section on the OMI website HERE to find a retail store close to you!

OMI featured in Furniture Today

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Check out the great new article by Furniture Today talking about OMI, actor and eco-crusader Ed Begley Jr., Dwell’s Modern Living Showhouse, and one of our newest retailers HD Buttercup.

Click HERE to view the article!

Summertime is garden time!

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Here at OMI we believe not only in sleeping organic, but also eating organic!  For most of us here in the office it is a busy time of year because we spend a lot of time outside of work planting our Summer gardens.  There just is nothing better then vine-ripe tomatoes or fresh cucumbers.

Having the priviledge of a family centered around a organic upbringing, the importance of growing the vegetables organically is a no-brainer for me. But not everyone is as lucky.  For those of you who are trying to “organic-fy” your life, here are some tips and facts to help and encourage you towards a healthier lifestyle.

Tip #1:

For the healthiest plants, make sure you have good growing conditions. For most vegetables, that means full sun (at least 6 hours of direct sun a day). If you have poor soil, amend it with lots of organic matter, like compost.

Tip #2:

Decide what you want to grow. Determine how much space you have, and then take a sheet of paper and draw a small scale model of your garden plot, and decide where the vegetables will go. Without added chemical fertilizers(like Miracle Grow, which basically gives plants a “steroid” boost when growing) the plants need enough spacing to stretch their roots.  Overcrowding gives you less of a chance for the plant to grow large enough to support the vegetables.

Tips #3:

Look for natural and organic alternatives to chemical fertilizers, such as the use of compost. The use of inorganic fertilizer causes toxic buildup of chemicals in our soil and drinking water.

Tip #4:

Some plants, such as tomatoes, are naturally more susceptible to pest and disease problems than others. To reduce problems, look for disease-resistant varieties of plants. (Disease resistance is usually mentioned in catalog listings, seed packets, and plant tags.)

Tip #5:

After planting your seeds and/or starts water everything thoroughly and keep the seed areas moist until they germinate and start growing. Once that happens you can then start allowing them to dry out a bit between waterings as you usually would do with growing plants.

For more tips and info on growing your organic vegetable garden visit my favorite nursery’s website, Peaceful Valley, HERE where they post weekly demonstration videos and helpful information.


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