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Our Most Precious Resource

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Just because it’s raining outside doesn’t mean that we don’t need to be conscious of our consumption.  Here is an excellent video that will help you think about our impact on the world. It is produced by GE, but the information is excellent!

Hip Hop Meets Organics

Check out these fun and entertaining videos by Stonyfield CEO CE-Yo Gary Hirshberg, the Stonyfield Moms, and Honest Tea CEO TeaEO Seth. Watch them rap out some information about the importance of eating organic.

For more information about the Just Eat Organic movement, visit

Smiling is Worth 2,000 Candy Bars

In a world that is so concerned with health and wellness, we often overlook the easy healthy behaviors that can have a major impact on our lives.  Smiling has amazing health benefits, such as reducing stress and hormones, raising endorphins, and lowering blood pressure.

Not only is smiling healthy, but it is pleasurable. A British study was conducted by Hewlett Packard that used an electromagnetic brain-scan machine and a heart-rate monitor to measure the value of various stimuli on raising mood. Seeing a child smile can create pleasure that is equal to 2,000 candy bars or $25,000 in cash. Seeing a loved one smile was worth 600 chocolate treats or $13,000 in cash.

With all the benefits that smiling offers, how often are we doing it? According to Ron Gutman, author of Smile:The Astonishing Powers of a Simple Act, children smile on average 400 times a day. While boys and girls smile equally, women smile more often than men do. Overall, more than 30% of adults smile more than 20 times a day and less than 14% of us smile less than five times a day.

Smiling is so valuable, not only for our health but our happiness also, so why not smile more and enjoy the day!


Grocery Store Wars, Teaching Kids the Importance of Organics

In today’s society, more and more focus is being put on going “green.” From using sustainable materials when building houses to driving hybrid cars, many people are changing their lifestyles to save energy, or just to get healthy.  Changing our lifestyles is great, but how do we change things for the future? We teach our future generations the importance these choices make for their lives.  Teaching kids habits like shutting off lights when not in use and turning off the water when brushing teeth are good conservation habits, but what about their diet?

Supermarkets are like magnets for kids with their processed foods and sugary snacks.  We need to make organic fruits and vegetables a natural choice for children.  So why not educate them in a fun and entertaining way?  Here is a lighthearted and comical argument for the benefits of organic and non-genetically modified foods.



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