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Human Mattress Dominos

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Here’s a little video to bring some laughs to your Monday.


 850 people in New Orleans were knocked back onto mattresses in “human dominos” to break the world record for the number of people taking part.

Who says mattresses are just for sleeping?

How opposites attract…. The Duo

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My husband and I decided it was time to invest in a better night’s sleep, so we began the hunt for our perfect OrganicPedic® mattress. Seeing how I am less than 5 feet tall and my husband is well over 6 feet tall, it makes finding a mattress that we can agree on almost impossible.

After testing all the mattresses we arrived at a stalemate.  I melted into the Terra Plush while my husband loved the feel of the Flora Nouveau -complete opposites. What solution could we come to if we couldn’t agree which is the most comfortable for us?  The answer came in the form of the Duo.  The Duo was a lifesaver!

The Duo is a 10” mattress, with dual sleep zones to allow each sleeper to their own preferred comfort. Each side of the mattress has three individually sleeved layers of premium 100% natural rubber surrounded by certified organic cotton, and is available in many different comfort options.  Your OMI retailers can help you figure out which configuration is right for you.  Click HERE to find a retailer near you.  The sculpted surface of the top layer provides the ultimate in comfort and pressure point relief. This mattress has a removable cover and dual-zone internal layers that can be customized to accommodate each sleeper’s preference.   It is an everlasting mattress, meaning we can rearrange the layers and even change the firmness levels as our bodies change over time.

 After playing around with the layers, we were each able to create the ideal comfort level we wanted.  My side has a medium bottom layer and an extra soft middle layer while my husband chose a firm for both the bottom and middle layer.

MSRP (mattress only): twin $3495 • full $4395 • queen $5295 • king $6495

Foundation sold separately

For more information on the OrganicPedic mattresses click HERE. (link)

Don’t Be Fooled By “Green” Disguises

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Insist on a Purity Guarantee.

Click HERE to see our Purity Guarantee.

  • Misleading advertising has invaded our industry. How can you compare all the choices among companies that claim to have the “best” products at the “best” prices? Like the difference between fast food and fine dining, similar materials may be used, but the results can be dramatically different. Not all organic mattresses are created equal.

    Companies are making false claims to dupe consumers into buying. The organic mattress industry is experiencing increasing levels of fraud, with companies making outrageous claims online about their mattresses being “nontoxic,” “chemical-free,” “organic,” or “hypoallergenic.” Some of the claims aren’t even possible, and the rest can be verified only with third-party certification by USDA-approved certifiers using organic requirements such as GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).

    Without independent testing and certification, there really is no way to know what a mattress contains. Basing decisions solely on a company’s unverifiable claims is risky business. Just because it’s on the web doesn’t mean it’s true.

    Regardless of what you’ll see on some websites, it’s impossible for anything to be “truly chemical-free” or “100% nontoxic” – even the purest untouched wilderness landscape contains some chemical traces, and pure spring water can be toxic in high-enough doses.

    It is possible to have is extremely low levels of chemical offgassing, however. And that’s what we’ve proven with our certification from the prestigious GREENGUARD® Environmental Institute. We pass their most rigorous standard, for Children and Schools, passing tests for offgassing of hazardous chemicals that measure down to parts per billion at levels that are virtually nonexistent. Third parties guarantee that what we say is true.

    We’ve always made the purest mattress available. From day one, we’ve set the standard for organic purity. From the U.S.-grown, certified raw materials we use to our GOTS-certified organic Eco-Factory to the GREENGUARD certification for chemical offgassing of our finished products, our facility, materials, processes, and products are independently certified every step of the way. We even guarantee that we make the purest mattress available with our Purity Guarantee, which states that “If you can find a purer mattress, we’ll give you ours for FREE!”

    That proud tradition continues with the introduction of the world’s first certified organic mattresses. Our Classic Innerspring is certified organic as a finished product by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Have you met the Fusion?

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When customers ask us which mattresses we love, it’s hard to decide because there are so many wonderful choices.  So when the time came to buy a mattress for my 5-year-old daughter, I knew I had a tough decision to make.  I chose the Fusion, since it’s a great combination of both natural rubber and innersprings that can offer the support needed to accommodate my daughter for years to come.   The Fusion offers comfort at a wonderful price!

This 10”, two-sided mattress is the “best of both worlds,” combining a sturdy innerspring core with the supportive 100% natural rubber latex. The innerspring coil system is covered on both sides with certified organic cotton canvas and several layers of our sanitized certified organic cotton padding. The padding is covered with another layer of cotton canvas, then internally hand-tufted to keep the padding from shifting and to minimize body impressions. Finally, a luxurious 2” layer of 100%-natural rubber latex is added to the top and bottom surfaces, for increased cushioning, and it’s finished with our signature OrganicPedic® quilting.

MSRP (mattress only): twin $2395 • full $2995 • queen $3195 • king $4295

Let’s Meet the Lago…

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The Lago is a two-sided, 10” sculpted-surface organic mattress made with a 6” core of firm 100%-natural rubber latex under an internal, sculpted-surface 3” layer made from soft 100%-natural rubber latex. The mattress is covered with our signature OrganicPedic® knit quilting.  This mattress is a true two-sided mattress, as it has two different firmness levels to offer greater flexibility to the sleeper.  One side of the mattress features the sculpted layer of soft natural rubber, giving an overall medium feel, while the second side is a flat layer of firm natural rubber latex, giving a firmer option if needed.

Features and Benefits

  • Sculpted surface offers pressure point-relief and increases air circulation
  • Pillow top built into the internal mattress design
  • Motion-absorbing construction
  • Signature OrganicPedic® fully quilted cover
  • Eco-Wool fill naturally regulates body temperature
  • Naturally mold, mildew, and dust-mite resistant

Lago Mattress Cutaway

 MSRP (mattress only): twin $3295 • full $3895 • queen $4095 • king $5395

Foundation sold separately.

Back By Popular Demand….

The Flora

The Flora is back!  Available once again as a part of the OrganicPedic line, the Flora is a two-sided, 8” flat-surface organic mattress made with three layers of 100%-natural rubber latex.  The 3” firm latex inner core is sandwiched between two layers of 2” soft latex and then covered with our signature OrganicPedic knit quilting.

The Flora offers a firmer feel without the hard impact of a firm surface or a compromise in comfort.

Flora Cutaway

Features and Benefits

  • Firmness: Med-Firm
  • Motion-absorbing construction
  • Signature OrganicPedic fully quilted cover
  • Eco-wool fill naturally regulates body temperature
  • Naturally mold-, mildew-, and dust-mite resistant

MSRP (mattress only): Twin $2595 • Full $2995 • Queen $3295 • King $4695

Foundation sold separately.

 For more information about the Flora, visit the OMI website HERE or contact the OMI Sales office for questions or order inquiries at 800-951-9196.

Rave Reviews: Houston

Thank you Winnie Hamilton, a passionate Houston environmental health expert, for your wonderful review of the OMI Terra Mattress and your purchase and delivery experience with one of our OMI retailers, New Living in Houston, TX.

“I recently bought an OMI Terra mattress from New Living in Houston. I love it. The delivery guys not only came right on time (the beginning of a tiny two-hour window) and set up everything, but they also took (for a small fee) my old mattress to be recycled (i.e., not to a landfill).

But the mattress itself is amazing…incredibly comfortable and beautifully constructed. I mean, it’s actually beautiful to behold; and you can flip the pillowtop for variable plushness. I have hip problems and the wrong mattress literally destroys my life as the hip pain will wake me up every 30 minutes or so. So I need a mattress for pressure points.

A lot of people would recommend Tempur-pedic or another memory foam for me and even knowing how toxic they are I’d probably consider one if it gave me glorious sleep (even as a staunch environmentalist and health proponent, when you’re up all night…every night…in pain, your principles begin to slip), but the truth is that I tried a memory foam topper and it made me sick. I put it outside for nearly a month and still the outgassing and chemicals gave me bad headaches, tremors, bone-aching fatigue and a kind-of mental fog. Did my hips like it? Yes, a lot, but my brain and the rest of my body apparently didn’t.

Which is what led me to OMI and the Terra, which is I think probably the best organic mattress for people with hip or pressure point problems…although I’d be the first to say that finding the right mattress is intensely personal and everyone is different. I did ‘test drive’ the Terra at the Modern B&B in Houston and it felt pretty good, but one night–although better than a 10-minute ‘sleep’ in a store–isn’t sufficient.

The Terra has no smell, no toxic ‘ingredients’ and is strangely firm while also being one of the softer mattresses (people with pressure point issues generally need a mattress to support and give in the right places). In any event, I’m a fan…and New Living was super (I researched and debated for months and months.  They didn’t pressure me or badmouth other companies). Last, I really do like supporting Houston companies when possible. If we want more environmentally responsible companies here, we need to support them.


Winnie Hamilton

Houston, TX”

To learn more about the Terra Mattress or to find a retail location near you, visit the OMI homepage, HERE, for more information.


Time to Meet the Terra

Terra Plush

The OrganicPedic® Terra is an innovation in the OMI world.  The Terra features a 12” sculpted-surface pillow-top mattress made from 100%-natural rubber latex, and has the option of being a four-sided mattress.  The Terra is available in two firmness levels: Medium Plush and Plush.

The Terra starts with a 3” core of supportive 100%-natural rubber latex , in firm or medium depending on the firmness desired. The core is joined with two inches of softer latex on the top and bottom, and covered with our signature OrganicPedic® quilting. A removable, two-sided pillow top (3” deep) — also made of 100%-natural rubber latex — is then placed on the mattress. The pillow top is made with two surface options: our exclusive sculpted surface on one side, and a flat surface on the other. This provides sleepers with maximum comfort and flexibility. The pillow top is fully covered with our signature OrganicPedic® quilting and attached to the mattress with our exclusive “button-down” process.

 Features and Benefits

  • Sculpted surface offers pressure-point relied and increases air circulation.
  • Button-down pillow top can be used on either side.
  • Motion-absorbing construction.
  • Signature OrganicPedic fully quilted cover.
  • Eco-Wool fill naturally regulates body temperature.
  • Naturally mold-, mildew-, and dust-mite resistant.

MSRP (mattress only): twin $3795 • full $4595 • queen $5795 • king $7095

Foundation sold separately.

 For more information about the Terra, visit the OMI website HERE or contact the OMI Sales office for questions or order inquiries at 800-951-9196.

Las Vegas Market, Here We Come

It’s that time of year again when we all convene in Las Vegas at the World Market Center for a week of seeing companies’ latest and greatest products.  The World Market Center, Las Vegas is an impressive 5,000,000-sq.-ft. center that houses furniture and mattress-industry companies’ beautiful showrooms.  The showrooms allow both customers and retailers to see and feel products being sold and debuted in a friendly atmosphere.

At this year’s show, OMI is introducing two great new models: The Terra Plush and the Flora Nouveau Plush.

The Terra Plush is a 12”, four-sided plush, sculpted-surface pillow-top mattress that offers a soft and luscious feel.  Its 3” removable, two-sided pillow top provides sleepers with maximum comfort and flexibility. In addition to the new Plush option, the Terra is also available in the original Medium.

Terra Plush - Prices start at $3495 (mattress only).

The Flora Nouveau is a luxurious mattress that offers superior support while maintaining comfort. The Flora Nouveau uses a quilting process that incorporates 100%-natural rubber latex to make it feel similar to a mattress topper without the added height. Now the Flora Nouveau is available in two firmness levels: Medium-Firm and Medium.

Flora Nouveau Plush -Prices start at $2595 MSRP (mattress only).

Join us to see all our great products at Las Vegas Market, January 30 through February 3rd at Showroom C-1515.

For more information on our new products, call the OMI Sales office at 1-800-951-9196 or visit our website at HERE.

Say Hello to the Flora Nouveau

Flora Nouveau

The OrganicPedic® Flora Nouveau is a revolution in the organic sleep industry. The new cushion quilting adds a sumptuous comfort layer.  Featuring a  9” height, 100%-natural rubber latex, and the option of it being  two-sided mattress, the Flora Nouveau is also available in two firmness levels: Medium-firm and Plush.

The Flora Nouveau Medium-firm is constructed using a 3″ firm latex inner core that is sandwiched between two layers of 2″ soft latex and covered with our signature OrganicPedic® knit cushion quilting.

The Flora Nouveau Plush is also constructed using three layers.  A 3″ medium latex inner core is sandwiched between two layers of 2″ soft latex and covered with our signature OrganicPedic® knit cushion quilting.

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent back support without being too firm
  • Contours to spine
  • Offers pressure-point relief
  • Motion-absorbing construction
  • Signature OrganicPedic®  fully quilted cover
  • Eco-wool fill naturally regulates body temperature
  • Naturally mold-, mildew-, and dust-mite resistant.

The Flora Nouveau is quickly becoming our most popular mattress, as it offers comfort at an affordable price.

 MSRP (mattress only): twin $2795 • full $3395 • queen $3495 • king $4995

Foundation sold separately.

 For more information about the Flora Nouveau, visit the OMI website HERE or contact the OMI Sales office for questions or order inquiries at 800-951-9196.


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