Dear Reader,

For more than 5 years, we have maintained the OMI blog to provide you with quality content related to health, wellness and most of all organic sleep. Today we believe that social media is a more effective communication tool than blogging, and with it we believe we can reach a wider readership with greater effect. As such, we have decided to stop posting new blog content effective today.

Thank you for your readership, interest and commitment to organics. We hope to see you on Facebook, Twitter and other social channels where we will be providing new, quality content for sharing with your friends, family and colleagues.

OMI is America’s first (and still #1) certified organic mattress and bedding manufacturer. We invite you to visit for more information about our products, to find retail locations, to read our story and to educate yourself on the many benefits and importance of certified organic sleep products.


~ The OMI Team