OrganicPedic mattresses and OMI bedding are produced in the nation’s only large-scale dedicated organic factory.

Our commitment to maintaining a smoke-free, fragrance-free, and cruelty-free environment runs so deep that our employees don’t smoke, wear fragrances, or use fabric softeners on their clothing.

OMI’s handmade organic mattresses are manufactured in Northern California by expert artisans. There is a reason why OMI makes the #1-selling organic mattress made in the United States: we guarantee our purity.


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  1. The more I learn about synthetic mattresses, the more interested I am in organic mattresses with certified organic cotton, natural wool grown, washed, and treated without synthetic chemicals, and natural organic latex from Rubber Trees.

    I read the comments of others poisoned or sensitized with petrochemicals in synthetic mattresses at: http://www.chem-tox.com/guest/guestbook.html

    I am chemically sensitive from exposure to a flea fogger, and a petrochemical floor stripper, both of which listed mixed xylene isomers on its label. I will not knowingly buy or use any petrochemical product again. Organic agriculture has saved my life, as well as the Precautionary Principle (unfortunately, after I was already poisoned).

    I am very interested in the OMI OrganicPedic Terra, especially if it will fit into my bed frame, which goes with the rest of our bedroom furniture. Where my old mattress box spring fit into the bed frame, the height is 7 inches. I have not seen the Terra because OMI does not sell mattresses where I live…in Lafayette, Louisiana. And, I have a fractured spine so until I am able to travel on my own, I cannot see or personally try out the mattress.

    But, from almost all indications, the OrganicPedic Terra with its sculptured contour and both Dunlop and Talalay latex and with the wool and certified organic cotton encasement, should work for me. Question: By describing the mattress as “PLUSH”, are you speaking of a medium firm mattress”?

    Susan K. Snow

  2. Hi Susan,

    All of our mattresses fit in standard bed frames, including the Terra. I am going to pass your information on to our sales team, and have someone contact you, and see if we can’t find a retailer near you.

    1. Thank you.
      There is a company in Austin, Texas where my daughter lives and IF I am able to travel, we will go there for Thanksgiving. But, I certainly wish there was a store closer –Austin is more than 6 hours from Lafayette, LA. And, Tampa, Florida is even further–769 miles.

    1. Hi Barbara,

      We have quite a few retailers in the Bay Area, including Ergo Sleep Systems in Berkeley and a brand new boutique called In Bed with H.D. Buttercup on Hayes Street in San Francisco. The easiest way to find the retailer nearest you is to go to our Store Locator and enter your ZIP code. You can also call our corporate office at 1-800-951-9196 and we can help you find the nearest store.

  3. I am interested in purchasing the Terra model mattress but I would like to have honest feedback from consumers that currently use this mattress. Any suggestions how to get this information?

    1. Thank you for your interest in OMI! The best way to obtain feedback on the mattress models is to speak to your local retailer and ask for their customer’s testimonials.

    2. Hi Shelly,

      We purchased the Terra model mattress and for one year, while my fractured spine was healing, I loved the mattress –it is so comfortable. But I found I could not do exercises meant to strengthen my spine while on the mattress. Hence, we took off the pillow top and placed it on the bottom, thereby allowing my spine to adapt to a slightly firmer mattress.

      Even without the pillow top, the mattress is so comfortable. I have no problem sleeping. As soon as I lie down, I’m “out like a light.” Having the peace of mind that there are no toxic chemicals used to manufacture the mattress helps also. Memory foam is made from soy which is genetically modified.
      What are the “Compositional differences in soybeans on the market: Glyphosate accumulates in Roundup Ready GM soybeans.” http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0308814613019201
      There are no herbicides in organic soy or even in conventional soy, but there are “extreme” levels in GM soy.

      The OMI mattresses are made from latex from the tree, not from a test tube by a chemical giant. The mattresses are covered with certified organic cotton, and natural wool is used as a flame retardant. The OMI are the healthiest mattresses you can buy. I spend at least 8 hours every night on the mattress. I don’t want to be breathing chronically toxic Roundup as in Roundup Ready soy; or 2,4-D, dicamba, or glufosinate which the soybean seed is also genetically modified to resist.

      2,4-D was the 7th largest known source of dioxin during the Bush Administration before Bush and Cheney allowed corporations to remove any study they did not like from the library of the U.S. EPA for a million dollar per corporate donor. Now that Bush-Cheney policy is still in effect. There are zero regulations on toxic pesticides and other chemicals including glyphosate (Roundup), 2,4-D, glufosinate, dicamba) and they are in your food, air, soil, precipitation, and in any fiber or food made of the 96% GM soy, 96% GM corn, cotton from toxic bacteria in every cell of the plants dna, and a host of other staple crops that are in your kitchen that may be on your back or in your bed. Do you want to breathe them every night, as well as eat or drink them during waking hours? I don’t!

      Listen to former GM enthusiast, soil biologist and pathologist and geneticist for Agriculture Canada for 30 years, Now, Dr. Vrain is a whistleblower, having read scientific literature on the negative effects of the pesticides that were killing the soil. He became an organic farmer after he retired and witnessed things not taught during his educational experience. Hear him speak on GM and an the collection of genes.

    3. As an owner of a OMI Terra mattress, who has had several spinal injuries since 2012, all I can say is that NO other mattress, regardless of price, was as comfortable and as high quality as this one.

      A lot of online research went on before I made my decision as I am both chemically sensitive due to severe exposure of volatile organic compounds in a chemical wood/floor stripper AND exposure to a flea fogger. Pesticides have many of the same chemicals as so-called Memory Foam, which is likely made from herbicide resistant Genetically Modified soy. There are “extreme” amounts of Roundup weed killer in GM soy. Google: ‘Extreme levels’ of Roundup are the norm GMO soya, authored by two scientists from Norway. Their study says they obtained seeds from Iowa, USA, of organic, Non-GMO conventional soy, and GM soy. And, only in the seeds of the GM soy was there ‘EXTREME’ LEVELS of glyphosate, the labeled ingredient in Roundup. The word ‘Extreme is what Monsanto wrote in a paper that these authors cite. But the levels used in Roundup now exceed that amount and they are used in only GM crops. (Although conventional soy is also quite toxic.) Roundup is said to be the most chronically toxic herbicide ever permitted (registered in North America). It is used all over the world and gets into our air, soils, waters, rainwater and food in a variety of pathways. GM soy is used in memory foam and other foam mattresses and other consumer products as well as in feed for animals and food for humans.

      I try to avoid pesticides, by eating food grown by the organic method, and consuming water purified by carbon filtration. Organic agriculture has saved my life, so it makes sense that I only purchase an organic mattress from OMI. There are zero emissions with their mattresses and they are so comfortable. I have no problems sleeping!!!

      I recommend OMI mattresses.

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